Every aspect of every package is totally customizable – your input will determine what gets filmed, how it gets filmed, and what the final product looks like!

Standard package:

  • Choose a package of a certain number of games
  • Full Ride Productions professionally films the games in HD
  • We shoot with Panasonic’s HPX-170 P2 High Definition Camera
  • Each package includes filming a 1-on-1 hour-long training session
  • That video then gets edited into a 3-5 minute highlight reel
  • We edit with Apple’s Final Cut Pro Studio
  • Finished product gets uploaded online in HD and burned to DVD
  • DVD and packaging are customized

Additional customization options:

  • Coach testimonial: interview with coach about player
  • Player on camera: college coaches like to see a player who handles him/herself well
  • Extra games
  • Multiple camera shoot: for different angles of the same plays (must negotiate)

Please contact us for pricing and package inquiries. Each Full Ride client has a personalized, customized video package put together, and they are priced on an individual basis.