Welcome to Full Ride Productions. Full Ride Productions is a video production company with an expertise in sports, aiming to offer athletes and teams top-quality highlight reels. We will work intimately with athletes of any level and their families to deliver personalized, professional highlight/recruiting reels, which are an invaluable tool to advancing to the next level of athletic competition.

Using video and highlight reels is not a new theory in the world of collegiate recruiting, however it is one that is very unrefined. Most highlight tapes of young athletes looking to advance in their sporting careers consist of low-quality home video filmed by a parent or friend sitting in the stands watching the game. This process leads to confusing, hard-to-follow reels with shaky, out-of-focus video that makes it difficult for any viewer (especially prospective coaches) to follow or comprehend.

Full Ride Productions is on a mission to revolutionize the way highlight tapes are thought of. Rather than home footage put together, our award winning cameramen shoot video of the athlete in competition and in specific training scenarios. That video, which can be completely customized, is then professionally edited and put to appropriate music, showcasing that individual’s ability and potential to anyone who views the finished product.